If Your Family is a Zoo, SmartStrand Carpet is for You

Posted: December 29, 2010 | Categories: Communities | General Info
By Highland Homes

Mohawk smartstrand zoo challengeDoes it sometimes feel like you have a zoo living in your home? Between children, pets, visitors, spills and spouses, it can sometimes make you feel like you have a house full of animals. Although your whole home might suffer the impact, you may find that your carpet experiences the bulk of the trauma. However, there's still hope. Florida home builder, Highland Homes, can help you can keep your home looking fresh and clean for years to come by upgrading the carpet in your new abode to Mohawk SmartStrand® carpet with Dupont„¢  Sorona® (SmartStrand).\n\nTo help demonstrate the durability and resiliency of SmartStrand carpet, Mohawk recently introduced the SmartStrand Zoo Challenge at the Dallas Zoo in Texas. Ten animals had their enclosures carpeted for two solid weeks last October. During that time, they were allowed to live freely and make messes. In the end, SmartStrand won the test of durability. The carpets were cleaned using only hot water extraction and Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Carpet Stain Remover. The result was brand new looking carpets. To view the video, visit the SmartStrand Challenge website.\n\nMohawk’s SmartStrand is the perfect carpet to complement any of Highland Homes’ popular floorplans. We have a full design center with licensed designers who will help you choose the carpet that best suits your new home. In addition to Mohawk carpet, the design center will help you customize every aspect of your home design with Merillat cabinets, Whirlpool appliances, a variety of countertop options by WilsonArt, Corian and Cambria and so much more.\n\nDon’t let your personal zoo overwhelm your home; explore Highland Homes’ design options today.\n\nFor more information about Highland Homes design center with Mohawk carpet, visit our website.carpet, visit our website.

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