Orlando and Tampa Named Top Cities for Recreation

Posted: August 9, 2016 | Categories: News | General Info
By Highland Homes

Orlando Orlando is the #1 city for recreation in the U.S.

A city is often defined by the activities one can do there. When a city is full of fun places to go, activities to do, and things to see, it’s bound to be more popular! For certain, those who live in Orlando and Tampa don’t have to worry about boredom. After a recent study to determine the top U.S. cities for recreation, these two Florida cities top the list.

Based on 35 key metrics, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities and ranked them to determine the best and worst cities for recreation. Traits such as entertainment and food costs, the quality of parks, accessibility of entertainment and recreational facilities, and the climate were examined. After scoring each city based on their results in each category, Orlando secured the number one spot as the best city for recreation in the entire nation, with Tampa a close number two!

Recreation involves more than just exercise, and includes all of the activities people love to do in their free time. This includes visiting neighborhood and state parks, going to concerts, attending festivals, seeing a movie, enjoying attractions, playing sports, and more. Cities with varied and quality recreational options are seen as more prosperous areas to live.

Orlando and Tampa have long been known as top vacation destinations and continue to break the mold for theme parks, entertainment, and dining variety. Residents living in these hot destinations are never bored; with more than 20 nearby theme parks and attractions only minutes away from home, every day is a stay-cation. And, Tampa and Orlando's recreational appeal has helped make them two of the fastest growing cities in America.

Orlando rolled in as the number one city for recreation overall, and in the study’s entertainment and recreational facilities category. This section was determined by the number of different types of activities found in the city. Orlando has the most varied selection of all the cities ranked when it comes to attractions, water parks, music venues, hiking trails, restaurants, movie theaters, sports facilities and more. Orlando is also ranked in the top five cities for number of coffee shops per capita and music venues per capita!

Tampa skyline Tampa is the #2 city for recreation in the U.S.

Tampa, the number 2 city for overall recreation, ranked sixth for the entertainment and recreation category but outranked Orlando in two other categories: costs and climate. The cost rankings were determined by things such as spending on parks, fitness and activity costs, and food and beverage prices. Climate was ranked by WalletHub’s own metric; those of us who live in Tampa love the city's sea breezes.

What do these rankings actually mean for these Florida cities?

For starters, these varied recreation options can boost the city’s economy. The better the facilities and affordability, the more residents will go out in their free time. Once the money starts flowing, the city’s opportunities only increase. Investing in recreation is an investment towards stronger infrastructure, a more prosperous community, and happier people. Orlando and Tampa are already seeing this impact.

Additionally, prime recreation cities can expect improved public health. A more active community is a healthier community, so the simple addition of parks or other community activities can increase the overall health and wellbeing of the community.

An underrated benefit of parks is the enhanced beauty of the city. A city with beautiful greenery and water, outdoor activities, and a connection to nature is usually much more appealing than a concrete jungle.

With the results of this study released, its clear Orlando and Tampa have many perks that make them two of the premier cities to live, not only in Florida, but in the nation. For those looking for a home in these top cities, Highland Homes builds new homes designed for your life in desirable communities in both metropolitan areas!

Orlando new home buyers will find options in St. Cloud, Apopka and Lady Lake with prices from the $180,000s, while Tampa new home buyers can select from single-family home and townhome options starting from the $160,000s in Plant City, Ruskin, Tampa, Valrico, Wesley Chapel, and Zephyrhills.

Orlando and Tampa boast strong real estate markets, top recreation options, and quality and affordable new homes. To find your new home in Orlando or Tampa, contact us online or call our Florida New Home Specialists at 863-797-4999.

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