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Take it from someone who has learned – make sure your home choice is the right choice!

Written by Sunny Glynn Crockett-Fullhart, Highland Homes’ Admin Assistant *Photo by Hayley Anderson Everyone will tell you to not worry about bad decisions, because you learn from every mistake. I wouldn’t call buying a fixer upper that I fell in love with, instead of new Florida real estate, a mistake, just something that I should Read More >>

Spring Cleaning Tips

It is that time of year again. No, not tax season. Wait, OK it is, but that is not the point we are trying to make. It’s time for…… SPRING CLEANING!!! Let’s face it, you’re either the type of person who loves spring cleaning, or who hates it. Either way, it has to be done. Read More >>

Good News: It’s Time to Buy Again

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to invest in Florida real estate again, then it may be time to stop wondering and start buying according to a recent Fortune Finance article titled, “Real Estate: It’s Time to Buy Again.” Why? Put simply, housing is back and the time to buy is now to get Read More >>

Will the Housing Market Recover? Americans Remain Confident

As the housing market continues to recover, perceptions about its future remain a hot topic. While the talking heads continue to discuss the ups and downs of the current housing market situation, it seems that most Americans are remaining optimistic. In fact, 68 percent of America’s potential homebuyers expect the real estate market to recover Read More >>

Florida Real Estate Without Compromise

Recently, it has been debated whether first-time buyers are too picky when it comes to choosing a home, or if they’re just mirroring the current market situation. With low interests rates, great prices on new Florida real estate and a good selection of homes on the market, first-time buyers are looking past the “fixer-upers” and Read More >>

Congratulations to Linda Brett, 2011 Polk County Teacher of the Year

Many times, educators are the unsung heroes of our communities; uplifting our future generations, and never expecting praise or recognition, even when they go above and beyond traditional expectations. Exceptional Student Education teacher at R. Bruce Wagner Elementary School in South Lakeland, Linda Brett, is no exception. Recently, Linda humbly accepted the 2011 Polk County Read More >>

Don’t Be So Quick to Say No to an ARM Loan. Still a Great Option For Many Buyers

With memories of the housing crisis and the negative perception many people have of the words “Adjustable Rate Mortgage,” buyers of Central Florida new homes have been afraid to consider adjustable rate mortgages, with many opting for the predictable 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. Indeed, when the housing market started its down turn, using an ARM didn’t Read More >>

Wear Green, Get Green, Save Green on Upgrades

Usually, wearing green will save you from getting pinched during the month of March. At Highland Homes, wearing green gets you green so that you can save green on Green Upgrades for your new Florida home! OK, you don’t have to wear green to save; but, you do have to stop by a Highland Homes Read More >>

If Your Family is a Zoo, SmartStrand Carpet is for You

Does it sometimes feel like you have a zoo living in your home? Between children, pets, visitors, spills and spouses, it can sometimes make you feel like you have a house full of animals. Although your whole home might suffer the impact, you may find that your carpet experiences the bulk of the trauma. However, Read More >>

If the Elves Can’t Build It We Can!

The elves have been so busy getting all the toys ready for Christmas eve, that they haven’t had time to build any new homes this year. But never fear, even if the elves can’t build your new home, we can! If you are looking for a new home for the holidays, Highland Homes can move Read More >>