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Lender Partners

Highland Homes has been helping home buyers just like you fulfill their dreams of homeownership since 1996. Not only do we believe the American Dream should be affordable, but easy and efficient, too.

We aim to make your homebuying experience a satisfying one and feel the same when it comes to financing your home purchase. There are many mortgage lenders to choose from and to help take out the guesswork and provide you with the best financing options and the highest level of service, Highland Homes works with a network of quality Lender Partners.

While you are free to choose any mortgage company, you will receive a number of benefits by financing your home purchase through a Highland Homes Lender Partner.

Outstanding Service

Our Lender Partners will work together with you and Highland Homes to make your homebuying dreams come true.

  • Personalized service to find the right financing for your needs
  • A wide variety of mortgage products
  • Local branch offices

Competitive Interest Rates 

Having Lender Partners creates a competitive environment to offer you some of the best interest rates around. 

Appraisal Fees

Highland Homes will pay for your appraisal when you finance through a Lender Partner, saving you $575-625 out of pocket.

Closing Cost Savings

Highland Homes will pay the following closing costs when you finance through a Lender Partner (please note, closing cost contributions may be limited based on loan program guidelines):

  • Owner’s Title Insurance
  • Doc Stamps
  • Termite and Soil Treatment
  • Recording Fees
  • Survey Fees
  • Construction Interest
  • Endorsement Fees

Special Incentives

Through our Lender Partners, we are able to offer special incentives such as low down payment financing, buydown interest rates, and additional closing cost savings! Call, email, or click here to discover current promotions available to help you own the Florida new home of your dreams!

Discover your buying power by pre-qualifying today with an easy online application: