Maintenance Tips

Here at Highland Homes, our number one commitment is to building a partnership with our homeowners like you. We strive to achieve an outstanding level of customer satisfaction from the first day we meet you and continuing well after you move into your new home.

One of the benefits of building a new home in Florida with Highland Homes is the lower maintenance which comes with a new home, compared to an older home. To best protect your investment, there are items in your home, however, which require regular maintenance. Staying on top of regular home maintenance will ensure the products in your home have a longer life - and, ensure you have less stress and more time to enjoy living life, relaxing, and loving your new home!

First, make sure to review the Maintenance Items Not Covered by Warranty. This includes items you are responsible for after you move into your new home such as changing your a/c filters, caulking countertops and cracks in drywall, and pressure washing the exterior of your home to provide a longer life for your paint.

Next, the 2-10 New Home Maintenance Manual provides helpful tips, maintenance schedules, and checklists to help you maintain a happy, healthy home. You can tailor your home maintenance schedule to your situation and needs; 2-10 suggests maintenance tasks should be performed as follows:

  • Monthly Maintenance
    • Test smoke detectors
    • Check fire extinguishers for proper charge
    • Test GFCI outlets
    • Clean range hood filters
    • Check for leaks around plumbing fixtures
    • Clean and refresh drains with baking soda and hot water
    • Inspect a/c filters and replace if dirty
    • Check faucet aerators, water filters, and water softeners (if applicable)
    • Maintain flooring
      • Most people do this more regularly than once a month, but vacuuming regularly and cleaning stains as soon as they occur will dramatically extend the life of your flooring!
    • Check the TPR valve on your water heater
  • Bi-Annual Maintenance (Two Times per Year)
    • Inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles
    • Inspect the stucco, trim, and siding on the exterior of your home
    • Inspect windows and doors for proper operation
    • Complete seasonal maintenance on your HVAC equipment
    • Inspect and replace caulking and grout around tubs, sinks, and toilets
    • Inspect the attic for any changes since construction
    • Check drywall for cracks
    • Inspect cabinets for proper operation
    • Check your countertops and re-caulk if necessary
  • Annual Maintenance
    • Inspects caulking around windows and doors, and re-caulk if necessary
    • Inspect concrete slabs and patios, seal any gaps, and pressure wash if necessary
    • Check your septic tank and leech field (if applicable)
    • Have carpets professionally cleaned
    • Complete annual maintenance on your HVAC equipment

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