Closing On Your New Home

Highland Homes will work closely with your mortgage lender to coordinate the details of your closing. During the closing process, ownership of the home will be transferred into your name and you will get the keys to your new home!

Construction of your home is almost complete!

  • Start shopping for Homeowner’s Insurance
    • Your insurance should be secured prior to your First Walkthrough
      • Your salesperson will let you know when you are close to needing it, but it never hurts to start shopping around early!
  • Your lender will work on the Final Underwriting and Approval of your mortgage:
    • Send your lender any updated or additional documents they request to finalize your loan approval
    • Provide your Homeowner’s Insurance Binder to your lender and Highland Homes
      • This is required before your First Walkthrough
    • The final appraisal inspection will be ordered by your lender to confirm your home’s value and completion
    • A loan underwriter will verify documentation and confirm all loan guidelines have been met
  • Notify your banks, employer, and other important contacts of your upcoming change of address
    • File a Change of Address with the USPS
  • If you have children who are changing schools when you move:
    • Register children for school and ask that school records be transferred

Clear to Close

  • Once the Final Underwriting and Approval is complete, your lender will issue a Clear to Close on your mortgage loan
  • Highland Homes will work closely with your lender and the title company to coordinate the details of your closing
  • Our Closing Scheduler will contact you to schedule your closing date, time, and location
  • Now’s the time to:
    • Provide notice of move-out to your current landlord (if applicable)
    • Schedule movers, time off work for moving, and furniture delivery for after your closing date
    • Setup utilities - Refer to your Community Information sheet for utility providers
      • Contact your current utility companies and schedule your service to be terminated or transferred to your new address
      • Contact your new utility companies to setup service for your new home
  • The title company handling your closing will prepare the Closing Disclosure, which breaks down all of the costs and terms specific to your mortgage
    • Review the Disclosure and contact your lender immediately with any questions
      • Sign the Disclosure as soon as you have reviewed - This MUST be signed 3 business days prior to closing; delaying signing delays your closing.

Closing day

  • Your New Home Specialist will provide you with the exact dollar amount you need to bring to closing (if applicable) along with payment instructions
    • Funds MUST be certified check, cashier’s check, or bank wire - NO personal checks or cash can be accepted
  • Bring TWO forms of identification to the closing, one must be a photo ID
  • Note: Married parties must both be present at the closing, with identification, regardless of whether they are both on the mortgage
  • Receive the keys to your dream home!