10 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Florida Home for Fall

Posted: October 31, 2017 | Categories: News | Design and Decorating
By Highland Homes

Florida’s weather may not transition to autumn the way it does in other parts of the county, but we Floridians still have a sense of fall, especially with the cooler weather of the past few days! What better way to welcome the season of flannels and pumpkins than by giving your new Florida home an autumn refresh? Changing the decor in your home doesn’t have to take a lot of work or money, and we guarantee you’ll “fall" in love with these 10 simple ways to add a little cozy warmth to your home.

1. Show off your fall spirit and “leaf" a good first impression for your guests by hanging a festive wreath or floral arrangement on your front door. Get creative and turn a plain wreath into a vibrant display with twine, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges and greenery. When it comes to front door displays, the possibilities are endless.

2. Spice up your porch decor with everything from a harvest scene to decorative flannel and plaid blankets with fluffy pillows. Decorate your porch with pumpkins and gourds of all shapes and sizes for an outdoor space full of enchanting fall color. Pair pumpkins with hay bales or potted kale to create a natural environment, or line your steps or walkway with blooming pumpkins full of mums!



3. Serve up a plate of harvest happiness on a table decorated with seasonal delight. Whether you prefer a carved pumpkin vase full of blooming flowers and ferns or a glass vase stuffed at the base with mini pumpkins and orange dahlias, the right decor in the dining room can make any meal feel extra-special. For a subtler tabletop focal point, nothing draws attention like an arrangement of faux dahlias, complete with a glass vase filled with pine cones. You could even take the decor a step further and add DIY scented pine cones to create a feast for the nose!

4. There may not be a lot of tree branches displaying fall foliage in Florida, but there are plenty of bouquets that can be placed around your new home to make it look like the leaves have fallen. The key to arranging leaves is to group them by size and color as you would flowers. Fiery red maple goes beautiful when countered with the feathery foliage of redwood and globes of gray-green fruit. Prime colors for fall foliage include bright orange, cream, burgundy, brown, greenery and fresh magnolia leaves.



5. Who doesn’t love the autumnal aroma of pumpkin spice, caramel apples and cinnamon spices? Take the natural route this fall season and make your new home smell authentic with Simmer Pot recipes. There are a ton of variations on the simmer pot, but to start off, why not try: sliced oranges, cranberries, cloves and cinnamon. Lavender, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Apple peels, cinnamon and nutmeg. Or a lemon, rosemary and vanilla mixture.

6. Turn over a new leaf, pillow, throw and maybe even a lampshade in the living room and bedrooms as you change out the summer colors in your home. For a subtle seasonal change, replace the bedding and other linens, such as towels, tablecloths and pillows, with warmly colored pieces to simulate nature’s fall colors. Small towels and washcloths printed with pumpkins or leaves are an inexpensive but joyful way to impact the entire family and guests. Warmth and comfort are big parts of fall, so adding extra-large flannel quilts and throw pillows to the living room sofa and other seating areas are always a nice touch!



7. Pumpkins, mums and scarecrows, oh my! Add vibrant color and creativity to your yard by hanging a scarecrow from a post, sitting one on a chair, or positioning one in your yard. Create an awe-aspiring scene by setting up a small wagon with a scarecrow driver, surrounded by blocks of straw, pumpkins and a black cat. Make it spooky around Halloween with a bone-chilling jack-o’-lantern face and creepy animals lurking nearby, or make it the cutest pumpkin in the patch with the fanciest costume you can find. Just like when you design your new home, you can design your scarecrow to match your individual personality!

8. If the ambient light from a candle doesn’t get you in the cuddling spirit, we don’t know what will! Candles bring warmth, cuteness and coziness to any space they occupy. Decorate tables, windowsills, shelves and outdoor spaces with fall candle arrangements covered in cranberries, pine cones, pumpkins, apples, corn, leaves and various fruits and berries. Create adorable centerpieces for various occasions by getting creative with all the natural elements that fall has to offer.



9. Think outside the pumpkin and make it personal. Often times, especially around the holidays, life gets hectic and we forget to slow down and just be thankful. Creating a DIY Thankful Tree is not only gorgeous decor option for your home, but it’s a great reminder of the little things in life that we often overlook.



10. Finally, incorporate fall into your new home without ruining your carefully planned decor by painting pumpkins to match the colors of your home. Beautifully painted pumpkins can provide as much impact as an intricately carved one, while still keeping the sophistication in your formal living spaces, such as dining areas, formal living rooms or guest rooms. Paint pumpkins a solid color and incorporate fun designs with elements such as flat silver or gold thumbtacks or sequins, or use a stencil for intricate patterns and shapes.



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