Ayersworth Glen is Making Headlines!

Posted: March 5, 2010 | Categories: Communities
By Highland Homes

SOLD smlFor what seems like years, newspapers and other media outlets have been filled with nothing but negative stories related to the housing industry. We've seen headlines like "Housing prices drop," "Record foreclosure rates," and "Builder Declare Bankruptcy." While we know that not everything related to the Florida real estate market has been negative the past couple of years, news outlets rarely publish positive stories because they just don't sell like negative features. So, to see the St. Petersburg Times publish a positive news story about the housing market is a huge deal. What makes it an even bigger deal is that Ayersworth Glen, a master-planned community in Tampa where Highland Homes builds, was the article's lead.

What is so newsworthy at Ayersworth Glen? Sold signs and construction! Construction workers head to the community on a daily basis to add more and more homes to the community, many of which have already been purchased. When driving through the streets of the community, you see empty lots with SOLD signs in front of them and many occupied residences. Basically, the community is full of life. There are not foreclosed homes that have sat for months and months or empty lots without a builder, instead, sales are up and people are moving in.

So, your next question must be why Ayersworth Glen? This exceptional Wimauma community has what today's home buyers are looking for - great amenities, great location and a great value. Highland Homes offers new homes in Ayersworth Glen priced from only $109,000, and buyers that qualify can move in with $0 down. As for the amenities, residents enjoy use of a large community pool, clubhouse with exercise facility, sports field, playground and bike trails.

To see positive signs of the housing industry, head to South Hillsborough County and visit Ayersworth Glen.

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