Central Florida New Home Color Simplified for "Left Brainers"

Posted: March 14, 2013 | Categories: Design and Decorating
By Highland Homes

Central Florida new homeSome people just need the facts: analytics, logic, numbers\n\nIf you are more of a dominant “left brainer,쳌 you’re probably one of those people. You think you can’t handle being creative when it comes to decorating your Central Florida new home, but you can. Color, although typically seen as a tool for “right brainers,쳌 can also be dealt with in numbers.\n\nA classic way of looking at space is with a ratio of 30:60:10. Use this ratio as a guideline as you decorate a space. 60 percent of the room might be the walls. 30 percent might be the bed linens, furniture, curtains, etc. 10 percent might be the accessories such as pillows, vases, books, etc.\n\nYou will find that it is easiest to begin with the 30 percent or 10 percent. Find items you like that will remain in the space: a sofa, a piece of artwork, or a cherished antique pitcher. Pull color from those items. PPG Porter Paints has a selection of over 2000 colors, so it is much easier to match paint color to a piece of fabric than it is to find fabric that matches your space after you paint.\n\nStill stumped? Play the Color Sense Game ( http://porter.voiceofcolor.com/porterpaintgame/ ) online to determine your color personality. Your results will display Harmony Collections best suited for your taste. You will then be given collections of color based on the 30:60:10 ratios.\n\nThe Harmony Collection palettes make life so much easier for those of you who prefer to stick with numbers, and hopefully you can have a little fun while you calculate color within your space!\n\nBuying a new home in Florida should be a fun process.  Make sure you’re aware of helpful design tools that will keep you from pulling out your hair! When selecting finishes for your Orlando, Lakeland, Winter Haven or Tampa new home, not only do you have access to great tools like the Color Sense Game, you will also be working with Highland Homes’ team of experienced designers. Even better, Highland Homes uses PPG paint in our homes, so you will have a plethora of colors from which to choose.\n\nFor more information on our available new homes in central Florida, visit the Highland Homes website.\n\nTessa Jones, Industry ASID, Industry IDA\nSouth Zone Color Consultant, PPG Porter Paints

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