Decorate Your New Lakeland Home with Color

Posted: August 25, 2011 | Categories: General Info
By Highland Homes

Lakeland homes\n\nIf you just moved into your new Lakeland home and are ready to start decorating, colors are a good place to start. Color can be used as a decoration style, an atmosphere or room identity. In this article you will find information that you need to choose the right color for every room of your house.\n\nDid you know that every color affects us physically and psychologically? It could be the reason of tension or malaise within your own house, or (hopefully!) a cause of relaxation and harmony. Here are meanings of different colors and some advice for decorating your home.\n\nBlue\n\nBlue is associated with divinity in several religions. It represents balance, self control, and serenity. Blue calms and sedates.\n\n-> Blue can be the perfect color for bedrooms, especially for a baby’s room.\n\nGreen\n\nGreen is the color of nature, it symbolizes hope and charity. Green is associated with need fulfillment, culture and knowledge. It soothes and relaxes mentally.\n\n-> Green could be a perfect color for your bathroom, or any other room designed for relaxation.\n\nYellow \n\nYellow is the color of light. It symbolizes enthusiasm, youth and daring. Yellow stimulates mental processes and the nervous system, activates memory and encourages communication.\n\n-> Yellow is a great color for the living room, office, library or playroom.\n\nOrange\n\nOrange is the symbol of luxury and energy. It’s a warm color which stimulates activity, appetite and encourages socialization.\n\n-> As you may have guessed, this color is totally appropriate for your kitchen and makes it a very friendly and social place.\n\nRed\n\nIn ancient Egypt red symbolized divine love. Red represents optimism and the joy of living. Red has more personal association than any other color. It increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy and provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety. Red can also increase blood pressure, respiration and heartbeat.\n\n->Avoid painting a room all in red, just one or two walls are enough to create a pleasant atmosphere.\n\nPurple\n\nPurple is the harmony between the calm of blue and the energy of red. It can be associated with sweetness and tenderness. It also calms the mind and nerves, offers a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity.\n\n->Purple works well for child or teenager bedrooms. With pink tones, it is youthful, fun and exciting, and represents purity and love.\n\nBrown\n\nBrown is the earth color. It’s a symbol of comfort and security. It supplies a feeling of wholesomeness and gives the sense of orderliness.\n\n-> Brown can be a good color for your living room, but as with red, one or two walls are enough. It can be a great compliment to an orange kitchen.\n\nGrey\n\nGrey is the color of intellect, knowledge and wisdom. You can compliment this color with purple to create a quiet but creative atmosphere.\n\n->Grey is a good options for studies or libraries and craft rooms.\n\nWhite \n\nFinally, if you want to keep your walls white, it represents purity, virtue and light. It evokes purification of thoughts and actions and encourages us to clear clutter.\n\n-> White is appropriate for all your rooms. If you want to add color, you can do so with decorative accents and furniture to suit your desires.\n\nNow you have the keys to select the right color for your rooms. Have fun decorating!\n\nFor more home tips from Tampa home builder Highland Homes, visit our website.

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