Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Posted: November 3, 2010 | Categories: General Info
By Highland Homes

credit reportsDo you know your credit score?  You see that question pop up everywhere, mostly on advertisements designed to get you to buy a service from a company or a credit bureau.  DO NOT fall for this and waste your money paying for these “consumer쳌 credit scores.\n\nYou see, there are 2 types of credit scores.  The first type are the ones generated by credit bureaus to sell to consumers, called Vantage Scores/Consumer Credit Scores.  These are the ones you generally see for sale on the internet.  THEY ARE USELESS!  The second type of scores are FICO certified scores that are computed and verified by Fair Isaac and Company in California.  These scores are only available directly to banks, mortgage companies, car dealers, and a few other authorized vendors, and these are the scores that matter if you are planning to apply for credit — or a mortgage.  As a consumer you have no ability to buy those scores because credit bureaus restrict access.\n\nSo what do you do if you are looking for a home and want to find out if your credit is good enough?  Visit Highland Homes!  Highland Homes is one of a few select builders who has the ability to get your FICO certified credit scores.  Most builders will send you to apply for a loan with a mortgage company because they cannot pull your credit.  When you do, if you are turned down, that can go on your credit report, lower your scores, and damage your chances to even buy a home!\n\nGo to your nearest Highland Homes sales center where they will be happy to not only help you find the new home you have been dreaming of, but also assist you with your credit questions and qualifying for a loan to make that dream come true.\n\nA special thanks to guest blogger Bill Lavender for this post.

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