Emerald Green Named Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year

Posted: January 29, 2013 | Categories: Design and Decorating
By Highland Homes

Decorating with green

Pantone's Color of the Year was just announced, and the hottest hue for 2013 is Emerald Green, a radiant and elegant color of balance and harmony.

Using green in decorating has endless possibilities because the color's infinite variations blend easily with most other hues. Green shades are great in gathering spaces such as the kitchen or family room as the hues tend to make people feel comfortable and relaxed. In Central Florida new homes, green can be an especially beautiful accent because it goes so well with our bright sunshine and lush landscapes!

Emerald Green has been popular in the fashion world for awhile. The perception of Emerald green is sophisticated and luxurious which is why it has become so popular in interior design. Emerald is a very bold color that can be overpowering, so it is most commonly used as an accent color with paint or with decor such as window treatments, pillows, or rugs. 

If the color is too bold for you on its own, try to use patterns that have a slight amount of Emerald green rather than items of a solid.\n\nWhen decorating with Emerald, use neutral colors for large items like sofas because this will keep it less expensive if you decide to later redecorate. 

Colors that compliment Emerald green are whites, creams, yellows, purples, and grays. Green is versatile and will go with many items that you already have in your home. If you have never used green in decorating, try starting out with simple accents. For instance, in a kitchen throw in some green towels and a green salt and pepper shaker, or in a family room add green pillows on your sofa.

From serene and cool to bright and bold, several other shades of green made the top of the popularity list with PPG paints and Better Homes and Garden. Other popular shades of green include spring green, lime green, khaki, moss, olive green and sea green.

  • A spring green can brighten even the darkest of rooms and create a whimsical area.
  • Khaki and moss green gives a sense of nature and looks great paired up with browns and creams. 
  • To get a coastal feel that creates a light and airy atmosphere use Sea Greens - they can be vibrant but if you like more muted you can tone it down by choosing one with a grayish tint.
  • Lime green tends to be a fun decorating color because of its brightness.

Selecting the right green for you depends on what area you want it in, what style you are, and how neutral or bold you are willing to go. Pairing up color tones and textures can create a custom look but also don't be afraid to go simple with creams and beiges and just a pop of color.

We have noticed at the Highland Homes Design Center that Green is definitely trending, and you can see some fun green decor ideas on our Pinterest page.

At Highland Homes our design team will help you choose the right color combination to bring a little green into your life. For more information on our beautiful Florida new homes, visit the Highland Homes website today!

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