Highland Homes is in the News Again

Posted: November 16, 2009 | Categories: General Info
By Highland Homes

Highland Homes is in the news again in the Tampa, Florida area. They were just recognized in the Tampa Business Journal as being one of the area's leading businesses. In today’s economy and especially in the building industry this is considered quite an achievement.\n\nHighland Homes has received various accolades over the past few years while other independent builders go out of business. What makes this company so different? The owners Bob and Joel Adams, father and son team, are actively involved in the day to day operations and study the industry’s intricate details in order to out perform the competition.\n\n“Our pricing strategies are audited and reviewed on a daily basis in order to remain competitive,쳌 states Kathie McDaniel, current marketing director for this Lakeland, Florida company. The competition is always changing; so companies need to pay attention. Changes occur more frequently now than they ever have in order to gain market share. It’s not unusual to see Florida new home prices change 2 or 3 times per week as statistics are being reviewed. \n\n"We need to stay ahead of the game,쳌 says McDaniel. That means analyzing pricing and product information from our competitors more frequently and finding ways to compete for sales, yet not sacrificing so much as they give the home away.\n\nHighland Homes offer something other builders do not: a hometown business and good practices that people will want to talk about. The referral business for Highland Homes is over 30% of their sales. “Buyers not only like our product, pricing and communities, but they like our sales people and company culture,쳌 says McDaniel. When buyers find something this good, they typically want to share the news with friends, family and co-workers. In today’s economy, referrals may be all companies can afford when marketing and advertising dollars are cut.\n\nHighland Homes prides themselves on customer satisfaction and quality. The quality isn’t just in their product, it includes their people, too. From sales people to office staff to construction and sub-contractors, the company’s cultural is treating people with respect and making them feel important.\n\nFor more information about how you can become one of Highland Homes biggest fans, call 863-619-7103.

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