Home Buying 101 — 15 Moving Day Hacks Everyone Should Use

Posted: August 30, 2016 | Categories: News | General Info | Home Buying 101
By Highland Homes

moving dayThe day you’ve been waiting for is here! Construction of your new Florida home is complete, you’ve signed your closing paperwork, and you have the keys to your dream home in your hands.

Now comes the less-fun part — the move. But moving day doesn’t have to be a hassle; with a little planning, it’s easy to have a smooth move. And, with the power of Pinterest and these helpful tips, we’re here to make sure you’re packed, protected, and ready to tackle moving day and love life in your new home!

Here are 15 moving day hacks to help you move into your new Florida home and get settled in and unpacked as quickly and easily as possible!

  1. It’s Time for the Purge
    • Start by categorizing everything into three piles - keep, trash, and sell or donate
    • After taking out the trash, research your treasures - sell items worth money on eBay or using apps like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace
    • Ask family, friends, and old neighbors if they need any of your other items
    • Have a garage sale
    • Donate items to charity
    • Pocket the cash that you made and use it to purchase boxes, moving day pizza, or new goodies for your new home
  2. Plan Ahead
    • Do your research and decide whether you are going to rent a truck and do the move yourself, pack up Pods, or use a moving company
    • Start packing in the room you use the least — for most people, this is most likely the dining room or spare bedrooms
    • Work on one or two rooms per week to maintain focus and save energy
    • Once you have a scheduled closing date, call your movers of choice to schedule your move
  3. Stop grocery shopping!
    • Eat all of your frozen, refrigerated, and fresh meals
    • Work on your non-perishable items last
    • Defrost your freezer
  4. Color Code Your Rooms
    • Use color-coded stickers or tape to easily label and organize your boxes — it’s much easier to see a color than decipher (your spouse’s) sloppy handwriting
    • Before unpacking, put corresponding color-coded tape on the floor of each room in your new home to make things easy!
  5. Make a Moving Inventory
    • Number each of your boxes and keep an organized list of what’s in each box
    • Load them on the truck with the boxes you are least likely to need loaded first, in the back
      • This way, you can make sure that you are unpacking the most important boxes first
  6. moving day - dont forgetMake a "First Day" Box
    • There is going to be things you need as soon as you get off the truck — pack this box into the truck last so it can be the first thing off, or take in the truck cab or your car with you
      • Basic supplies — Paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, trash bags, phone charger
      • Hygiene items - Toothbrush and toothpaste, clean bedsheets, towels and washcloths, change of clothes, and anything else you’ll need during the day
      • First aid kit — Painkillers, band-aids, and antiseptic wipes, just in case of any moving day oops’s!
      • Tools — Screwdriver, drill, and extra nuts and bolts for furniture assembly, and don’t forget a box cutter!
      • Food and drinks — Make sure to stay hydrated, have snacks, and maybe a few take-out menus. And, don’t forget food, water, and supplies for your pets!
      • If you have children - Put beloved stuffed animals, blankets, and necessary supplies in a box or bag you keep with you
  7. Organize and Label Your Cords
    • Stuff cables into old cardboard cylinders from toilet/paper towel rolls, place them into a box, and label
    • Or, use zip ties to keep cords together and make labels out of masking tape
  8. Bag Your Clothes on the Hanger
    • Save boxes - and time - by leaving clothes on their hangers
    • Make a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag, gather hangers, and poke them through the hold. Secure with a rubber band or zip tie.
    • Simply unwrap and hang your clothes in your big new closet!
  9. Close off Liquids and Spices with Plastic Wrap
    • To prevent spills, just take-off lids, cover the opening with plastic wrap, and screw lids back on
    • Great for items in the bathroom and kitchen like shampoo, cooking oils, spice jars, and anything else which could come open and get messy
  10. Use Stretch Wrap to Keep It Together
    • Rather than emptying and packing drawers, wrap them up!
    • You can buy a large roll of wrap online, in hardware stores, or from moving companies
    • Wrap from top to bottom and side to side to ensure contents stay secure
    • You can also use stretch wrap to:
      • Keep drawers in furniture in place
      • Protect furniture in the moving truck
      • Keep larger loose items like garden tools together
  11. Don’t Break the Breakables
    • Pack Styrofoam plates in between breakable plates
    • Wrap glasses in T-shirts for padding
    • Use painter’s tape to make an X across mirrors - this will help absorb the shock if anything bumps them
  12. Keep Your Jewelry Protected
    • Use an empty day-by-day pill container and place rings and earrings in each slot
    • Use an egg carton to keep earrings and rings separated
    • Skip detangling your necklaces by feeding one end through a plastic bendy straw
  13. Use Rolling Luggage for Books
    • Books and magazines can make for heavy boxes
    • Instead, pack in your rolling luggage to move them with ease
  14. Organize Furniture Hardware
    • When dissembling furniture, put the nuts, bolts, and screws in a plastic baggie
    • Tape the baggie to the bottom of the furniture
    • When ready to reassemble, everything is conveniently together — no missing parts or pieces!
  15. Host a Packing Party
    • Crank up the music and bring out the pizza and beer
    • Get friends and family together to help you pack up and get ready to start life in your new home

Bonus Tip — CELEBRATE!!

moving dayCongratulations on moving into your new home! Moving day is one of the last steps in your home buying journey and is worthy of a huge celebration. You deserve it!

Now all that’s left is arranging your furniture, adding your accessories, and loving your new home. Ready to start decorating your brand new home and don’t know where to start? Check out our Pinterest boards for decor ideas for each and every room in your new Florida home!

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