PURL Campaign Comes to an End

Posted: December 30, 2009 | Categories: General Info
By Highland Homes

Highland Homes just ended their most recent PURL campaign and it was a huge successagain. The company typically used direct mail pieces and sent them to apartment complexes through the postal service and promoted a nearby community. This method of direct mail usually proved to be successful because renters would walk into a model center shortly after the mailing and would ultimately buy a home. We would see 1 or 2 sales as a result of the mailing.\n\nThe newest technology for direct mail now is the PURL, or Personalized URL. The direct mail piece is mailed as usual, but this time with a twist. Each post card has the renters name and a personal website to visit to get more information about the promotion on the post card.\n\n“The first time we did a PURL we had 4 sales, but the reporting process was not followed very well, so we weren’t sure how many renters actually visited the website or their PURL쳌, says Kathie McDaniel; the sales and marketing director for Highland Homes.\n\nThis time we used a local company and worked with people known to the company and it was a great success. Highland Homes has a personal marketing representative that worked to create the best promotion and design for the post card. They created a detailed calendar of events for the mailing and the process from mailing to tracking the reports and sales. Each week they were provided with a report of prospects that visited the site and it also captured the email, address and phone number of the prospect.\n\nThe marketing department at Highland Homes followed up with every lead that visited the PURL and the company’s website. To date, the company has had 7 sales and has also seen a huge increase in traffic to their website. It was a huge success and the company will now use a PURL as part of their annual marketing plan.\n\nHighland Homes builds Central Florida new homes in 22 communities. If you are interested in learning more about the current promotions please visit www.highlandhomes.org or call the company at 863-619-7103.

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