Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Florida New Homes

Posted: April 6, 2012 | Categories: General Info
By Highland Homes

Florida new homesIt’s finally spring! The days are longer, grass is greener and chances are, you’ve already fired up your grill a few times this season. One thing we like to do in early spring is clear out the cobwebs and dust leftover from Winter. Spending some time on getting your Florida new homes clean will not only freshen up your homes, but it will give you a jumpstart on the busy months ahead. However, thinking of everything that could be done can get a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, take one task at a time, and use the tips below to get your home squeaky clean.\n\nWindows: Clean outside and inside with three tools: a sponge, a dry cloth and squeegee. Dip the sponge in slightly soapy damp water and wet the windows. Then squeegee the water off the panes. Use the dry cloth to wipe down windowsills.\n\nWalls: Start by attaching a dusting cloth to your broom and dust your walls from top to bottom. Wipe down walls with a cloth and a mild solution of water and dish soap (just a few drops is all you need). Take down curtains and clean them according to manufacturer’s directions.\n\nBathroom: Remove mirror haze and water spots from fixtures by rubbing those surfaces with alcohol. Clean glass shower doors with white vinegar and remove water spots from metal frames with furniture oil. Clean tiles with ½ cup baking soda and 1 gallon water (mixed well). Apply the solution with a mop.\n\nKitchen: On stainless steel sinks, remove water spots with rubbing alcohol. On a porcelain sink, cover the bottom of the sink with paper towels and soak the paper towels with bleach. Run the dishwasher empty to clean it out. Wipe out the inside of your fridge with a mild cleaner to remove mildew. Clean out and reorganize cabinets and drawers, as needed.\n\nYou can find tons of checklists for cleaning room by room online, and most of those checklists will come with additional tips and tricks for getting your Central Florida new homes clean thoroughly.\n\nFor information about buying a new home, visit the Highland Homes website, or contact us and speak with one of our new home representatives!

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