Taexx - Built in Pest Control for Florida New Homes

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By Highland Homes

Updated October 24, 2023



Florida’s mild winters and climate have some folks declaring war on creepy crawling invaders. Did you know that Florida is home to over 70 species of cockroaches alone? These unwelcome guests are not just a nuisance; lack of proper pest maintenance can have negative consequences on human and pet health.

When you build with Highland Homes we give you the upper hand in the war on bugs! An innovative built-in pest control system called Taexx comes standard in every Highland home, for your health, safety, and convenience.

Taexx is a TUBES IN THE WALL® system that strikes unwanted pests before they even get inside your home. 1/8-in. diameter perforated tubing is installed behind your drywall and creates a virtual barrier to keep your family protected from bugs. This tubing leads to a service port on the exterior of your home where a pest technician can treat your home without you even having to be there! Homeowners with Taexx love the convenience of not having to run home to meet the bug man.

This innovative TUBES IN THE WALL® technology can only be installed during the construction of your home. Full installation takes a Taexx by HomeTeam Pest Defense technician just 2 to 3 hours. Each home has 10 to 15 individual zones, on average. This unique design means if a tube does happen to malfunction, the reliability of the system is not compromised.

Plus, the Taexx system is healthier for your family, pets, and the environment. Chemicals are not sprayed on surfaces inside your home; this highly effective system targets pests where they live, hide, and breed - in your walls! All chemicals used in the Taexx system are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and with this precision targeting and environmentally safe formula, the Taexx system qualifies for “Green Points" with the Florida Green Building Coalition.

Because of the effective in-the-walls treatment technique, you will see longer-lasting pest protection, and about 50% less chemical is used than a traditional pest treatment. Plus, you receive all of these benefits with a treatment price that is affordable and competitive with traditional pest control.

Every Taexx maintenance visit includes the 6-Point Advantage Service:

  1. Home inspection to identify and address known issues and potential pest problems;
  2. Maintenance including sweeping of eaves and removing cobwebs and wasp nests within reach;
  3. Injection of Taexx treatment into your service port, which treats against pests specific to your location;
  4. Liquid treatment of entry points including windows and doors;
  5. Perimeter treatment providing you with another barrier of protection; and
  6. A detailed service report with tips to keep your home pest-free between service visits.

Your Taexx built-in pest control has been tested and proven effective by universities and 3rd party organizations and is under warranty as long as it is serviced by Taexx/HomeTeam Pest Defense. With more than 25 years in the business and stringent technician training, HomeTeam Pest Defense is a leader in nationwide pest control. We trust them so much that Highland Homes works with HomeTeam to protect our model homes in Florida!

Highland Homes wants you to love living in your new home, as well as protect your health and investment, which is why this advanced technology comes INCLUDED in every home we build. This highly effective pest prevention system allows our homeowners to relax knowing they are protected with an affordable, convenient, built-in pest control solution. To learn more about building your Florida new home with this cutting-edge technology, give us a call or email and connect with a New Home Specialist today!

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