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By Highland Homes

Why Buy New: Modern Design The way we live has changed in recent years, and new homes with open living areas accommodate a modern lifestyle. (Highland Homes' Willow II home plan)

You’re always hearing how buying a new home is better than buying an older, resale home. And, you may be wondering just what could be so different? Aside from the commonly discussed energy efficiency and safety, there are many benefits in the modern design of a new home.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau more than 44 percent of the nation’s existing homes were built before 1970. The way we live has changed so much over the last century, and even the past 40 years, it’s really no surprise that home design has evolved to accommodate this. The days of mother staying home to tend house are history, and innovation and technology are must-haves to simplify daily life.

Amenities in Your Home

Can you imagine that an indoor bathroom with hot-and-cold running water used to be considered an amenity? In the 1940’s, just half of homes included a full bathroom. And, think about a kitchen without a dishwasher, or doing laundry without an automated washing machine and clothes dryer. In some homes built prior to the 2000’s, these items were not standard equipment.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that appliances such as dishwashers and televisions were commonplace in the home, and homes were designed to accommodate these. And, take garbage disposals - Few new homes are built without this handy gizmo, but it’s in fewer than 2/3 of homes built prior to the 2000’s.

Central heat and air were built into less than half the homes constructed prior to 1960, while today, you probably wouldn’t consider buying a home in Florida without this climate control.

Aside from these everyday amenities which most people today cannot fathom living without, many new homes also include built-in technology to charge your devices, enjoy a home theater experience, and even automate HVAC, lighting and door locks. Kind of makes you wonder how this article may read fifty years from now!

Willow Master Bath by Highland Homes Imagine sharing one bathroom with the whole family. Or, you could relax after a long day in a private and luxurious master bath! (Highland Homes' Willow home plan)

Size and Layout

In the 1960’s the average home spanned about 1,500 square feet, with two or three bedrooms, and one bathroom for the whole family to share. Today’s new construction homes average 2,600 square feet, are likely to have four or more bedrooms, and two or more baths. New homes generally have features such as a private master bath and walk-in closets - some walk-in closets are larger than the typical 1960’s bedroom!

Larger, but fewer divided rooms comprise the sought-after open living area in today’s homes. Rather than having closed-off and separate living and dining rooms, today’s homes offer open and flowing living space often referred to as the “great room.쳌 This affords us more social time; a person in the kitchen can converse freely with people on the couch or kids doing homework at the table.

Open layout homes look and feel larger, a room enclosed by walls can feel cramped and isolated. Even rooms with smaller dimensions seem larger when they are open to one another. Today’s home designers also take into consideration such things as traffic patterns; remember the frustrations caused by the kitchen bottleneck?

And, let’s not forget the garage. Fewer than 2/3 of single-family homes built prior to 1990 included a garage. Today, a two-car or larger garage is commonplace.

Outdoor Living

Floridians love our beautiful year-round weather, and outdoor living spaces to enjoy it are a common feature in newer homes. Here in Florida, you will often find porches and lanais screened in, furnished and used as an extension of living space.

Modern Solutions

Back in the day, the washer and dryer used to occupy a corner of the kitchen or bathroom. Today, the washer and dryer have declared a room of their own in most homes. Not only is this more user-friendly, you can shut laundry heat and noise away behind a door.

A modern solution for keeping your household organized is the drop zone. This is a space in your home designed specifically for dropping off backpacks, shoes, keys, mail and other odds and ends before they find themselves scattered on your kitchen counters. Ideally, a drop zone should be located near the entrance of your home, such as the foyer or utility room. We offer several Florida home plans with drop zones built-in including the Parker, our top-selling home in 2015.

And, after a long day, your private retreat awaits. Master suites in our new Florida homes include a private and spacious luxury bath with dual vanities, tiled shower and relaxing soaking tub. Most new homes also include a walk-in closet in the master. So much more pleasant than sharing one bathroom with the entire family!

At Highland Homes' Personal Selection Studio, buyers can choose from hundreds of design options When you build new, personalize your new home at the Highland Homes Personal Selection Studio. No need for costly renovations!

Personalized Design

Don’t settle for a home with orange carpet and flowered wallpaper. When you build your new home in Tampa Bay, Orlando, Ocala, Bradenton or Central Florida with Highland Homes, you select the colors and features to personalize your new home to your style.

At our Personal Selection Studio, you will work with a professional designer to customize your Florida home with a wide variety of selections for countertops, flooring, lighting, paint, shingles, and everything in between! From selections within our included features to luxurious upgrades, hundreds of options are available in every price point to match not only your style but your budget, as well.

But I Can Renovate!

You could, though most homebuyers who get into a fixer upper discover it takes much more time and money than originally planned. And, in the end, the purchase cost plus the renovation costs often end up more than what you would pay for a brand-new home — not to mention the time and energy involved in renovations!

Based on the 2016 Cost vs Value Remodeling Report, here in the South Atlantic region, a full kitchen remodel in Florida will cost you around $56,901 and a bathroom remodel will cost $16,534. That’s already over $70,000 for just the kitchen and one bathroom. This is without adding in the cost of flooring, paint, plumbing, wiring and insulation, which most people update in an older home. Not to mention problems you may find in an older home which require immediate repair for your health and safety.

In 2015, Highland Homes’ average sales price was around $195,000. This price includes the modern design discussed above, your choice of options to personalize your new home, and much more, for a home which is ready for you to move into and love living in, without the financial and emotional cost of renovations.

New Build = Love Living in Your New Home

Modern open layouts, luxurious master suites, built-in convenience, and personalized design — all without the cost and stress of renovations. Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to this life-changing purchase?

To learn more about the life-changing experience of building your dream new home in Florida, visit the Highland Homes website, browse communities and home plans, and call our Florida New Home Specialists at (863) 797-4999.

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