Introducing our Newest Included Feature in our Central Florida New Homes - Double Pane, Low-E Windows

Posted: August 24, 2012 | Categories: Design and Decorating
By Highland Homes

double pane, low-e windowsHighland Homes is proud to announce that we now include Double Pane, Low-E Windows in all of our Central Florida new homes! This feature was previously an option, but we recently made the decision to increase the efficiency and performance of your home, and include these windows in all of our new homes.

What are Double Pane, Low-E Windows? These windows have two sheets of glass versus a single sheet, and a coating between the panes which deflects heat - the "E" stands for Emissivity, or the power to deflect heat.

Why is this so important? By having dual panes along with an E-coating it will reduce heat conductivity, or heat radiating into your home. Coating a glass surface with a low-emittance material and facing that coating into the gap between the glass layers blocks a significant amount of radiant heat transfer, thus lowering the total heat flow through a window. In more simplified terms, your glass windows will bounce heat away from the glass. In the summer, the heat is reflected out and your home remains cooler, and in the winter, heat doesn't escape through the glass so your home stays warmer.

Low-E windows also protect your furnishings and flooring from fading because the coating and extra layer of glass means less UV rays are entering and attacking your belongings. This is a great feature to have with wood flooring, blinds and cabinets. Most people don't think about protecting their cabinets, but if your home lets in natural light that hits a cabinet in your kitchen, then that cabinet will fade over time: fading will significantly be reduced with these windows while still letting you enjoy beautiful, natural sunlight!

Double-Pane, Low-E Windows are just one of our many great included features, and we also include and offer several other features to make your Florida new homes as energy efficient and comfortable as possible. Come and visit one of our Highland Homes communities to learn more about all of our features or to get more information about Double-Pane, Low-E Windows.

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