Affordable Room Makeover for Your Florida New Homes

Posted: August 15, 2012 | Categories: Design and Decorating
By Highland Homes

Girls Bedroom Makeover

Are you looking to makeover a room in your Florida new homes without spending a lot of money? The same décor year after year can get boring, not to mention dated. Instead of spending a fortune on redecorating the entire room, I want to tell you how you can freshen up a room while staying within a budget, by decorating with new accessories. Below are some of my top tips:

  1. Decide on your budget and picture what you would like it to look like in the end. Your goal is to keep the major furniture of the room the same and decorate around it to give it a new feel. For example, adding new bedding and accessories can dramatically change the look of a bedroom. If your current furniture does not match your new theme, think about painting or staining the furniture rather than buying new.
  2. Make a list of the changes you need to make to accomplish your look. One thing that makes a huge impact to any room is a new paint color. Popular paint concepts include an accent wall or faux frames for a pop of color. The item which has the second most impact on a room is fabrics. From window treatments to pillows to bedding, new fabrics can change the entire look of a room. Add some colorful, patterned pillows to solid sofas, or change out long drapes for a hanging valance to lighten a room.
  3. Once your paint and fabric changes are made, it’s time to shop for new accessories like pictures, lamps and candles. Shopping smart is a major part of staying within your budget so try “bargain쳌 stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby.

Boy's Room Makeover

I recently redecorated a model in one of our communities of Winter Haven new homes, the Mandolin, to give it an updated look. The model is about 6 years old and was very traditional, so my goal was to give it a more modern look. I had a budget of $1,000 to update a 2,000 square-foot, four bedroom home - and I was able to do it and stay within my budget.

First, I broke up the budget and allotted each room a different amount depending on how much work needed to be done. I started with the living and dining rooms and decided that instead of trying to replace any furniture I would just rearrange it to give it more of an open feel. Changing the orientation of the dining room table opened up the room, and I added new dishes and glasses and a new centerpiece on the table.

Next, I went to the kitchen and rearranged the décor on the top of the cabinets and took some items off the countertop to relieve it from clutter. The family room was one of the biggest jobs. The décor was very dark and I knew I had to do something to brighten the room. I replaced the brown lamp shades with beige and took out the dark red and green pillows, and added fun, brightly patterned pillows on top of the dark sofa. I took some large items off the coffee table to open the view to the glass doors. By spending a total of $100 in this room, it completely lightened it and modernized the appearance.

This home has white walls, and all of the bedrooms were in need of new bedding that was brighter and more colorful. I kept all the bedroom furniture and by just adding new bedding and pillows it vastly changed the look of the furnishings. New pictures and accessories were added to match the bedding, and I rearranged the furniture and added a small play table in the girls’ room.

Lastly, I used a small portion of the budget to update the bathrooms. A new shower curtain and towels make a huge impact. Then, I moved some of the pictures that were in the bedrooms into the baths. When you are redecorating, always check if you can re-use accessories in another room!

If you use some creativity and shop bit by bit to find the items you want at a good price, restyling a room (or home!) on a tight budget is definitely possible. Remember, keep the major furniture in place and decorate around them to help save money. Changing out paint, pillows, lamps, bedding, greenery, pictures and table accessories can make a bigger overall change in appearance than replacing your furniture and will cost much less.

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