Another Month of Excellent Sales for Highland Homes

Posted: June 10, 2009 | Categories: General Info
By Highland Homes

bridgewarer-models-013Highland Homes celebrates another month of great sales for May 2009! Since November 2008, Highland Homes has continuously sold an impressive number of homes--making them a builder to watch.\n\nNot willing to lose any momentum from previous months of high sales, Highland Homes sold 56 homes in May. Anyone who has seen the beautiful Florida new homes understands these impressive sales aren't due to luck, but from continued excellence in building affordable single family homes.\n\nIn addition to Highland Home's success, the country as a whole is doing better than experts predicted. According to the housing market is holding steady. CNN recognized that a slow but steady market isn't a dream scenario, but since experts thought the housing market would continue to fall--steady is good.\n\nThe steady market may be attributed to many factors including the tax break given to first time home owners. Lower mortgage rates could also be a contributing factor.\n\nAdditionally, the Florida new homes builder believes their affordable pricing options and flexible design choice are extremely attractive to home buyers.\n\nRegardless of the reason, Highland Homes is happy to hear this comforting news for the country. And of course they are dedicated to maintaining high Highland Homes sales for the upcoming months.

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