Highland Homes is an Elite Florida Business

Posted: June 22, 2009 | Categories: General Info
By Highland Homes

What makes a business great? Just ask Highland Homes. They were ranked as one of the top 200 privately owned businesses in Florida. The Florida home builder was recognized by Florida Trend publication. Florida Trend ranked the private Florida businesses based on the revenue earned in 2008.\n\nMany businesses were examined, but only the best made it on the coveted list. The list includes a number of impressive Florida businesses such as Publix Super Markets and Brightstar Corporation.  For Highland Homes,  being on the same list as the super market giant is a testament to their success.\n\nAlthough the home builder is proud of the recognition they received from Florida Trend, they aren't letting it get to their head. Highland Homes has always believed in giving first time home owners affordable homes with great personalization options. From design choice to home choice, Highland Homes wants to give the customer a home that they love. Giving home-buyers great personalization options and building them a quality home is part of the reason Highland Homes has had its great success. Pleasing you, the home buyer, is Highland Homes' ultimate goal.\n\nFor these reasons Highland Homes owes its ranking as one of the top 200 private businesses in Florida the home buyers. The Orlando and Lakeland home-builder promises to continue providing the best housing in central Florida for all of you.

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