Highland Homes, More Than Just New Lakeland Homes

Posted: August 31, 2011 | Categories: General Info
By Highland Homes

Lakeland homesHighland Homes’ owners, Bob and Joel Adams, are in the news again and it's due to another success story. Highland Homes is a locally owned and operated, father and son Tampa home builder and the firm is successful due to its diversification. Not only do Bob and Joel own the successful building company, but they own and operate several other businesses as well including a property management company and an engineering firm.\n\nThe engineering firm, ECON, has been in the news most recently as being the civil engineering company involved in the new Legoland Theme Park in Winter Haven, Florida.\n\nIn addition to constructing high-quality Orlando, Tampa and Lakeland homes, Bob and Joel Adams are owners/business partners in ECON and have made the news again with another success story for the civil engineering firm. The news puts ECON on the map as an international company now as they were awarded a new project in China.\n\nWhen their ECON business partner, CEO of ECON John McVay, visited China as a tourist in 2007 it laid the ground work for their newest project in Shanghai, China. This Lakeland engineering firm has been awarded the design and permitting work for a new theme park in China called East Bay Water World, a huge park and resort to be situated on Chongming Island on the Yangtze River. The site is expected to be at least a 5 year project and is more than 5 times the size of the Legoland Florida theme park. According to the owners of ECON, this project is similar in size to Sea World or Busch Gardens and is most likely the largest project this local company has been involved with.\n\nThe resort and theme park will include multiple upscale hotels, shopping areas and theme parks with live animals. The expectation at completion is for the resort and theme park to draw more than 6 million people annually to the area.\n\nThis most recent news story involving the owners of Highland Homes is just another indication of our financial stability and how owning various businesses in today's market is the key to success. For more information about this story, visit The Ledger’s website.\n\nFor more information about Highland Homes, visit our website.

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