Highland Homes Named one of top 100 Builders

Posted: May 11, 2009 | Categories: News
By Highland Homes

Builder Magazine has named the top home builders for 2008 based on total closings for the year. Privately owned central Florida builder, Highland Homes is pleased to once again make this list. 

For 2008, we are ranked 84 up from 121 with 350 new Florida homes closed. This represents 350 homes sold to families recognizing the American dream.

Builder Magazine is quick to point out that the 2008 Top 100 list is a reflection of companies that survived one of the rockiest years in housing history. Builders on this list have learned to manage cash flow, while creating sales and marketing strategies to keep homes selling. Highland Homes survived 2008 by building in exceptional locations throughout Lakeland, Tampa and the surrounding area. Additionally, we were able to offer low-interest rates and help with closing costs.

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