Now is the Time to Buy at Highland Homes

Posted: September 11, 2009 | Categories: News
By Highland Homes

winchseter-005Results are in! Highland Homes reports another great month of sales for August, selling 49 homes last month. That is especially impressive considering summer months are typically slow in regards to Florida new home sales. Yet, Highland Homes breaks the mold and continues to see an increase.

All the current news in the home building industry is proving to be positive, showing a rise in price as well as in units sold. Most data suggests that real-estate prices hit a bottom some time during the second quarter, and have now begun to rise. This article from Yahoo! Finance gives a great overview of the data and statistics. There's no way to be certain that this marks the end of the long correction that followed the real-estate bubble, but clearly prices are no longer in free fall. That means if you've been sitting on the fence, it's time to act. You may see home prices increasing soon.

Mortgage rates are at some of the lowest levels we've seen, ever. FHA purchase limits have increased in several areas, making homes more affordable to many new buyers. Even the stricter appraisal process is working to the advantage of buyers. Appraisals are coming in far lower than most sellers have been expecting, forcing them to face the new reality of sharply lower prices. And with stricter standards, lenders aren't going to let buyers borrow more than they can afford, which protects buyers and helps stabilize prices.

Home ownership has always been the American dream and for good reason. It delivers security, pride of ownership, a sense of community and decent investment returns as a bonus. Combine all of this with the $8000 tax credit the government implemented and you'll see that now is the time to buy. The tax credit expires on 12/1/09, so be sure to stop by a Highland Homes community soon to take advantage of that and our low interest rates.

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