Steve Hardy in the Spotlight

Posted: June 8, 2009 | Categories: Communities | General Info
By Highland Homes

It is pretty fair to say that most people do not live in the same town or even the same state they grew up. Test it out, ask your neighbor where they were born. You can almost a guarantee that it wasn't where that person lives now. Isn't it almost refreshing to find someone who was born and raised in the same county in which they still live? Like giving a nice nod to tradition.\n\nSteve Hardy gives Lakeland, Florida that very nod. Born and raised in the area, Steve has particularly benefited from living in Lakeland his whole life because of his career in real estate. For 19 years he has given his clients great advice and help that can only come from growing up in Lakeland. He understands that buying a Florida home is one of the biggest investements a person makes so he does everything possible to make it easier.\n\nWhen Steve isn't helping families buy a Lakeland new home, he enjoys spending time with his family. He is married to a Polk County teacher and has three kids. Like any true Floridian,  he enjoys outdoor activities. Such appreciation and love for nature makes him a great fit for his neighborhood community, Bridgewater which features the slogan: Water, Land, Life.

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