Stylize the Kitchen Cabinets in Your Florida New Homes

Posted: April 4, 2012 | Categories: Design and Decorating
By Highland Homes

luxury home optionsWhen people are thinking about furnishing and decorating their Florida new homes, most forget about their “structured? furniture: their cabinets! Cabinets are part of the furnishings in your home, and you can add a personal touch by dressing them with cabinet hardware, trim, greenery and decor.

When we talk about hardware, we are talking about knobs on your doors and drawers. Adding hardware to your cabinets not only adds to the functionality, but also gives a nice, decorative finish. Cabinet hardware comes in tons of styles and finishes, and we offer more than 25 different styles to choose from at the Highland Homes Personal Selection Studio. You can even mix and match the knobs and pulls throughout your home, meaning you do not have to make the same selection for your kitchen and baths. Coordinate your hardware with your appliances, cabinets or countertops. Think of cabinet hardware as the jewelry of your kitchen that finishes the overall look.

Another easy way to add some flare in your kitchen is to decorate the top of your cabinets. Don't overwhelm the kitchen by taking away from the natural beauty; but adding simple greenery, charger plates, baskets, vases, etc. can add fun color and personal style to the kitchen, and tie in the decor to adjoined rooms. There is no wrong way of doing it: this is a personal touch that adds to the uniqueness of your kitchen, so add anything that may interest you, even small framed art. Do you have decorative items on your kitchen countertop? Try putting them on top of the cabinets to relieve you of countertops clutter and give you more working space!

Finish your cabinets with trim and lighting. Under and over cabinet lighting is functional and complimenting to your decor: it will provide more light to your countertop work space, and accent the personal touches you have displayed on top of your cabinets. Another popular cabinet addition is crown molding or a light valance. Crown molding adds 3 inches of height to your cabinets, and is a nice decorative finish. A light valance hides under cabinet light fixtures, and nicely finishes the bottom edge of your cabinets. At the Highland Homes Personal Selection Studio, we offer all of these cabinet options.

When it comes to decorating your Central Florida new homes, don't leave out your cabinets. They are a large part of your kitchen furnishings, and dressing them will add color and a personalized touch to your kitchen area.

For more information about cabinet options at the Highland Homes design studio, visit our website.

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