Highland Homes Experiences Tremendous Success in December

Posted: January 23, 2009 | Categories: News
By Highland Homes

hh-new-logoAnyone involved in the home building industry can expect December to be a bit slower than the rest of the year in terms of traffic - both on-site and online. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense as consumers are more focused on buying presents than houses. They are also making travel plans, preparing for out of town visitors, wrapping up loose ends for the year and trying to maintain a "holiday budget." Considering it is an enjoyable season, but one that also causes a lot of stress, it is no wonder purchasing a new home isn't on the top of anyone's holiday to-do list.

So, when Highland Homes, a new home builder in Central Florida, saw their online traffic remain constant and an increase in on-site traffic in the month of December, they were completely taken by surprise. However, more impressive than this information is the fact that they sold 56 homes in December, making it the second most successful month in 2008. In a time period that is expected to slow business, Highland Homes has one of the best months out of the entire year.

Of course the question on your mind is HOW? Well, Kathie McDaniel, the Director of Advertising and Marketing for Highland Homes, says the only changes they made as a company was to partner with mRELEVANCE, LLC to implement a social media marketing campaign and cut their print advertising budget in half. So, for all of you social media skeptics, you can't deny these statistics. Congratulations on a stellar December Highland Homes, it is a fantastic way to end the year.

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