PPG - Exterior Colors for your Pasco County New Home

Posted: March 23, 2012 | Categories: Design and Decorating
By Highland Homes

Winter Haven new homesExterior color is often the first impression of a Pasco County new home or community. Colors reinforce architectural styling and convey the personality of the home and its residents.\n\nExterior colors are organized into four color groupings: warm neutrals, cool neutrals, grays-greens-blues, and creams-yellows-russets. An effective exterior palette should consist of three colors: body (stucco or siding), trim and accents and front door and/or shutters.\n\nWarm neutrals are very inviting and gentle. Colors such as beige, cocoa, latte, and golden brown are in this category. Dark green, red, or purple front doors make a great pair with a warm neutral body. In this category trims can either be lighter or darker than the body color.\n\nThe cool neutral category is classic and makes a big statement. The colors consist of stone gray, off white and khaki. These colors look great with beige or tan roofs, and adding a dark blue or brown front door can tie it all together very nicely.\n\nThe gray-green-blue category includes colors of tranquility and natural harmony. These colors are used more in coastal areas or conservation communities. Stay within the category, but select a different shade for the trim and front door color.\n\nIf you would like to add warmth or convey joy with the exterior of your home, then go a little more friendly and cozy with the cream-yellow-russet category. There are a variety of colors in this category from yellow to gold, to terracotta, red, peach and salmon. A lighter trim and darker front door works well this category to really make a statement.\n\nWhen selecting colors for your new home, take into consideration the complete exterior of your home including the roofing, landscaping, outdoor light fixture and stone or brick fascias.\n\nThe Highland Homes Personal Selection Studio has created anywhere from 15 to 32 color palettes, per community, each consisting of a trio of coordinating colors and appealing to a wide range of tastes. Your design studio consultant will guide you through your choices and help select the perfect color for your Pasco County homes as well as your community.\n\nWant to discover your best color combinations? Visit www.voiceofcolor.com and play the Color Sense game to learn which colors suit your personality.\n\nFor more information about our Pasco new homes or PPG paint colors available at the Highland Homes design studio, visit our website.

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