Setting the Mood with 10 Simple Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas

Posted: February 3, 2017 | Categories: News | Design and Decorating
By Highland Homes


Love is in the air! Using home décor to embrace the sentiment of Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to leave an unforgettable impression in the mind of your beloved. Try out these 10 simple Valentine’s Day décor ideas and bring some of that lovin’ feelin’ into your new Florida home this holiday.

  1. Your front door is a place to greet visitors and welcome friends in to your humble abode. This Valentine’s Day — and maybe for months to come — give your new home curb appeal and be reminded every day how much love resides in your home. Creating an imaginative and unique door hanger from wood is easy. Use paint to construct a message such as “Love Grows Here,쳌 and have painted handprints from the entire family climbing up the wood. If this is your first home together with a significant other, create a design based on that or a simple “Be Mine쳌 statement.

  1. Imagine walking into a room that is meant for togetherness, such as the living area, and being awestruck by the heartwarming décor. Do you remember where the sparks starting flying between you and your sweetheart? Memorialize that moment and that location by making it a work of art! Get the exact GPS coordinates of that area and frame it, adding a heartfelt message or symbol.

  1. Lighting is an essential element to creating a certain mood. Mason jars are one of the easiest ways to display low lighting throughout the entire home. Set the jars throughout the home, add string lights to the inside and watch the room twinkle with love.


  1. No Valentine’s Day décor would be complete without flowers, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend $50 on a bouquet of roses! Using decorative cupcake liners, fishing line and skewers, you can make your own creation of paper flowers (here is a tutorial). To go a step further, prepare an edible centerpiece with cupcakes and frosting.

  1. Set the mood every day during the month of February by making a Valentine’s Day countdown board. This can be made numerous ways — Our favorite is with a large picture frame, ribbon, and mini envelopes. Write love notes, supply homemade coupons or give little hints as to your loved one’s Valentine’s Day surprise.

  1. Don’t pay for those steep Valentine’s Day up-charges at restaurants when you have a lovely gourmet kitchen in your new home! Preparing a special dinner for your loved one is a great way to show intimacy and romance. Before the aromas of a homemade meal fill the room, set the mood and the table by dressing up your dining area with heart-shaped placemats. Pick up some large red or pink craft foam sheets from your craft store, then trace and cut a large heart shape from each one with scissors. Use a gold paint pen and write a one word romantic sentiment in the center of each one, just like the “message heart쳌 candies of our youth!


  1. Creating romantic bedroom decor does not have to be expensive or time consuming. Simply transform the ambiance of your bedroom by changing the bedding to a romantic red, adding love note pillows, and floating your favorite photos. Love note pillows can be as simple as buying plain white pillow cases that you’ve added a pocket to for a love note, or write your love message right on the case! For the photos, tie pictures of your special memories to the string of a red or pink helium balloon and float them above your bed.

  1. Treating your partner to an at-home spa is an ideal date! To give your spa date a soothing vibe, draw a warm bath and add a touch of romance by scattering a handful of rose petals on the surface. Tea lights, or mason jar lights, also create a cozy and warm environment. To add to the Valentine’s Day scene, have soft towels heated for when they finish their bath.

  1. For families, it’s important to create a sense of love throughout the entire house. Create a tree of love by having your kids trace their hand and forearm to form the trunk of a tree. From there, cut out heart-shaped leaves and have them write a reason they love their family on each heart!


  1. An inexpensive Valentine’s Day decoration that is sure to be adored by everyone in the house is clothespin love arrows. Take clothespins, decorate them with yarn and feathers and then clip in a cut-out of an arrow head. Place them throughout your new home with cute messages like, “you are loved쳌 or “you’ve been struck by cupid!쳌 Valentine’s Day décor doesn’t always have to be romantic; it can be silly and fun!

To help you keep the fire burning and the lovey-dovey feeling flowing throughout your new Florida home, check out more romantic décor and craft ideas on our Be My Valentine board on Pinterest!

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