10 Most Important Features for Home Buyers in 2014

Posted: September 25, 2014 | Categories: Design and Decorating
By Highland Homes

Highland Homes Parker Home Design Highland Homes' new Parker home design incorporates many features that are important to modern homebuyers, including built-in storage, an open layout, modern kitchen and outdoor living spaces.

When it comes to house hunting, the modern homebuyer seeks more than homebuyers did in previous generations. They often start home shopping on the internet, and come armed with a list of likes, dislikes and must-haves when they meet with a real estate professional.

This list by The London Economic sums up the top 10 home features modern homebuyers want when it comes to finding the perfect place to call home.

  1. Energy efficiency: Given the rising prices of gas, electricity and the cost of living in general, efficiency is important in planning your household budget. Our new homes in Florida are built with many energy-efficient features included, and we definitely get a lot of requests for additional efficiency upgrades.
  2. Plenty of storage: Storage space is crucial when it comes to keeping a home tidy. “Built in storage is a great idea because it is space saving,쳌 Stacey Perez, Manager of the Highland Homes Personal Selection Studio, said. Furthermore, built-in storage including closets, walk-in pantries, and drop zones can be custom designed, “to accommodate whatever it is that you are trying to store.쳌
  3. Technology: Let’s face it, technology is an important element in our daily lives, and homebuyers look for the latest and greatest when it comes to their new home, from simple features like energy-saving LED lighting to more complex technology like automated thermostats.
  4. Home security: Newer security features are also a big draw for the modern homebuyer, with solutions like glass break sensors or motion-activated lighting — both available at the Highland Homes Personal Selection Studio.
  5. Open plan: Modern homebuyers seek bright and open living spaces when house hunting and these layouts tend to provide more versatility. “Open plans usually have less wasted space and can create more of an inviting area for family and entertaining,쳌 Perez said.
  6. Modern kitchens: With changing kitchen trends, modern homebuyers seek simpler color palettes; they also appreciate household appliances that are energy efficient.
  7. In-home entertainment: As the modern home has morphed into a place for entertaining, features like outdoor living spaces and home theater systems have grown in popularity. “People want to make sure they have enough room for play dates, family gatherings, football games and holidays,쳌 Perez said. Integrated audio and theater systems get the cables behind the walls and speakers off the floor, as well as being a techy gadget to show your friends.
  8. An actual laundry room: A recent study from the NAHB ranked this as one of most important features to new home buyers — we know this is definitely important to our Florida home buyers!
  9. Smaller-sized homes: A big home can equal a big price, and today’s price conscious homebuyer is more interested in a home’s features. They tend to sacrifice home size for features that make their lives easier and more enjoyable.
  10. Location: This is one that will never change — Location, location, location! All structural features aside, finding a home in the perfect location is just as important today as it was to homebuyers in previous generations. No matter how you look at it, location is the one thing you can’t change about your new home.

When it comes to finding the perfect home in Florida, Highland Homes understands the changing needs of the modern homebuyer. In fact, these features are available in most of our new homes (although, we do still offer larger and formal layout homes for buyers who need such features)!

As far as “Location, location, location,쳌 we’ve got that covered, with desirable communities located throughout Central Florida, Tampa Bay, Manatee County and Ocala. For more information on our Florida communities and how you can own a home that meets (or exceeds) your home feature checklist, visit the Highland Homes website today!

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